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The housing benefit is intended as a support for housing costs for people with low income.

Students rarely get the allowance to receive housing benefit, because they will only be eligible for housing benefit if they aren’t eligible for BAföG. In contrast to BAföG the housing benefit does not have to be repaid.

Before you apply for housing benefit, you must have made an application for BAföG, because a negative decision for BAföG is valid as evidence to the housing benefit authority.



As a student you can apply for housing benefit if

  • your training is not able to be supported in accordance with BAföG (§ 2 BAföG)
  • you receive benefits from the „Begabtenförderungswerken“ (§ 2 Absatz 6 Nr. 2 BAföG)
  • the conditions for the aid of a second degree, complementary or postgraduate studies aren’t fulfilled (§ 7 Absatz 2 BAföG)
  • you cancel your training without good cause or irrefutable reason or change your specialization (§ 7 Absatz 3 BAföG)
  • you are foreigner and don’t fulfill the conditions according to the § 8 BAföG
  • you have exceeded the age limit (35 years)  according to the § 10 Absatz 3 BAföG
  • you exceed the deadline for the maximum period of sponsorship according to 15 Absatz 2 BAföG and the conditions for sponsorship after maximum period (§15 Absatz 3 BAföG) or for aid for graduating (§15 Absatz 3a BAföG) is not complied
  • you don’t submit a performance record according to the § 48 BAföG
  • BAföG is exclusive paid as interest-bearing loan


Furthermore it should be noted that only foreigner have an entitlement of housing benefit if they actual stay in Germany and

  • have a residence permit according to the Freedom of Movement Law/EU
  • have a residence permit or a tolerance according to the Law of Residence
  • have a right of residence according to an international convention
  • have the legal position as a homeless foreigner in the sense of the law about the legal position from homeless foreigners
  • are exempt from the requirement of a residence permit due to a legislative degree


Here you can find more information about the housing benefit and the request for housing benefit.