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Part-time Jobs


You can earn some money to support your studies with part-time jobs. Even when you receive BAföG you are allowed to earn up to an additional 5.400€/year (or 450€/month).

Many side jobs are easy to handle next to your studies. You often have the chance to adapt your working hours to your university schedule or to work on weekends. If you own a computer, you can work from home and you aren’t dependent on any working hours.

A job portal for side jobs in Hanover is online on Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung.

part-time jobsThe following websites also help you to find a job:

The Jobmensa offers free registration and research in their database. On Jobruf you’ll find over 1000 job offers for students. Furthermore you can create a profile and get a chance to be found by your potential employer. Jobsuma
doesn’t only offer jobs for students but also internships and jobs for graduates. If you are looking for holiday jobs, click on this link: Studentjob to find some. Especially holiday jobs are interesting because most of the time they are a little more lucrative.

You can also work as a student assistant (in German: HiWi). With a job as a HiWi you can gain some experiences related to your studies and use your theoretical knowledge for practical work. The HiWi job allows you to network and maybe even help you with your job after you graduate. Sometimes your lecturers can help you ti find a HiWi job. As a student of the University of Hanover you can check here for HiWi jobs.