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Student Grant


There is a law that gives you the opportunity to finance your studies, called BaföG. All you need to do is hand in some applications und meet certain requirements. The website of the ministry of education BAföGand research gives further information.

Here are a few things that could be important:

Not only those with a German citizenship are able to receive support, also foreigners (for example refugees) whose status is approved can. There is a deadline for applications for refugees who are officially „tolerated“. On January 1st 2016 this deadline was shortened from 4 years to 15 months. So if you have the right of residence (for a longer period of time) or you’ve been in Germany for more than 15 months, you have the opportunity to apply for
financial support for your studies here. To help you send your application once you filled it out, you will also find the address details.

Before you send it, you need to be aware of other conditions such as the age. If you are over 30 at the beginning of your training or studies, you can’t be supported by BaföG. But there are also some exceptions that you can look up here.


If you have already finished a formation before you start your current formation, you might not be entitled to BAföG, since in most of the cases it only supports the initial trainings/formations.

The initial training is a first training that you do in certain academies, schools or a kind of university (called Hochschule). And if your current training or studies is not part of the initial training, you can check if you are entitled to BAföG.


The amount depends on different criteria, for example the income. The demand of financial support from BAföG can be leveled. The individual amounts are in this table. The highest amount of support is currently at 670€. The amount you will receive in the end is calculated with the help of the table above and your income (or the income of a spouse or parents).


Before you apply for BAföG, you should be informed that the loan you will get from BAföG needs to be paid back. The amount that you have to pay back is limited at a maximum of 10.000€. In most cases about half of the money you get is a subsidy while the other half is a loan without interest. Moreover you get up to 5 years after the end of the support to start paying back the loan. If it is possible for you to pay back the entire loan before the deadline, between 8 and 50.5 percent of the sum will be dispensed. (for further information check BAföG Darlehensrückzahlung.


To get individual information about BAföG, the Studentenwerk Hanover offers consultation in their service offices. Just take a look here and see what suits your needs. The Caritas Hannover  also offers some counseling.


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