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Apps in Hanover


There are various apps for mobile devices that can be useful for people who are in Hanover for the first time. They are all free and available on various platforms. There is a short description of the most interesting ones below.

Everyday chores

Kioskguide Hannover
Imagine preparing a dinner on Sunday and suddenly you realize you don’t have an important ingredient. As most of the shops are closed on Sunday, Kiosks are the ones that could save your little crisis. The app shows you the closest one, how far it is and how long will it remain open. Available for Android and iOS. Read more.
Hannover News
You want to know everything that happens in Hanover? This app provides the most recent news. You won’t miss a thing! Available for Android. Read more.
Are you hungry? This app helps you to find a perfect solution! You can find all the places with tasty and cheap food in Hanover, along with addresses and prices. Available for Android and iOS. Read more.
Zeitwohnen Hannover
Whenever you, your friends or family need a place to stay in Hanover, this app comes in handy. You can find a nice alternative to hotel and hostels here. Available for Android and iOS. Read more.


GVH Fahrplan
This app is not only a useful timetable for all lines in Hanover and around it (buses, trams, trains), but also shows you all possible connections between the place you start your journey and the place you finish it. You can also buy tickets for your next ride through it. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Read more.
Hannover Airport App
App for practical information about Hanover Airport, as well as times of departures and arrivals. Available for Android and iOS. Read more.
Hannover Public Transport
You will love this app as it shows you all the transportation lines in Hanover on separate maps that you can zoom up. Here you will find all bus and tram stops, as well as train stations within Hanover and around. There is also some suitable information about tickets, fares and others. Available for Android. Read more.


Cityguide Hannover
Cityguide Hannover
Thanks to this app, you will have no problem in finding important places, such as restaurants, movie theatres, hospitals, operas and a lot more places we use in everyday life. This app also suits to you if you want to see the most popular and beautiful places in Hanover. Read more.
Die Hannover App
Here you can find not only the most important information about what is happening in Hanover right now and in the following days, but also special offers for various places, such as restaurants, concerts, theme parks. Available for Android and iOS. Read more.
Hannover App
This app is a must-have for everyone who would like to see the best Hanover has to offer. You can find the most beautiful sights of the city and all the important and prestigious events in sport, music or culture. Available for Android and iOS. Read more.