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Collegiate Sports


Are you interested in doing sport besides your studies? The centre of university sports in Hanover offers all students and guest students the possibility to participate in around 220 sport courses. You can chose between different activities like water sport, ball sport and competitive dancing.



Guest students can use the basic offer of the university sport Hanover exempt from charges. To get an access to take part in sport activities you need a digital semester card. After booking your card, you can select your favourite sport to the stated terms. All sport courses in the basic offer are for free. This means that you can participate without registering for the course. However, there are sport classes which do not belong to the basic offer and thus need to be additional booked. Some of them are for free and the other with costs.

  • Registration procedure step by step in German language.
  • More information you can find here (in English).


Step One – Semester card

Before booking your favourite sport course you have to book your semester card. This card is a booking requirement for participation.

Step Two – Basic offer

After booking the semester card you have to book the basic offer.

Step Three – book your favourite course

Finally, you can choose your favourite sport class. Clicking on the sport activity you will get information about the course. If it doesn’t belong to the basic offer you need to book it extra. (Attention: check if the course is for free!)



Under the information for the semester card/basic offer you will find the booking table for the offer. Clicking the green button “buchen” you start your registration.

  • You have to fill out all fields marked with “*”. If you are a guest student of the Hochschule Hanover you have to choose the status “Student der Hochschule Hannover”.
  • Now you have to click the button “verbindlich buchen” and your booking is finished.
  • The basic offer and semester card are free of charge!