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Internships and Jobs


As a refugee you have the possibility to do an internship. If you’re an established refugee, there are no particularities to remember. In contrast to this, an asylum seeker needs the approval of the local foreigner authority or the recruitment agency. There is a derogation for people with a safe country of origin: it’s not allowed to employ them if they didn’t file the application for the asylum before the 31th of August 2015.Here is the brochure about the conditions of internships for refugees, which was created by the competence center for professionals security in cooperation with the BDA.

During the first 3 months in Germany you can only find work with certain tolerance – if it’s this kind of job, in which the job center don’t have to give a work permit (§ 32 Abs. 2 BeschV).

This shall include the following kinds of internships:

  • An internship as an orientation for your study or your education (max. 3 months)
  • An internship, which you have to do because of your study or your education, or which you do voluntary simultaneously to your study or education (max. 3 months)
  • An internship which is funded by the EU




Workeer is an education and working place exchange, which is targeted specifically for refugees. You can find there some internship offers.


You can find vacancies at this platform for jobs, internships or apprenticeships.


You can find offers for refugees here.