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There are some offers on the internet for refugees to learn German and to receive support for the life in Germany.



The phase6 hallo-App Deutsch für Erwachsene (for adults) provides a base vocabulary into German via audio-visual exercises. It is easy to use and you can get it for free.

In addition to that, also by phase6, there is a an app especially for Flüchtlingskinder (refugee’s children) that works with pictures and sounds.

The Ankommen-App offers a selflearning language course as well as information about the asylum procedure, work and education and the life in Germany in several languages (among others in Arabic and Farsi).

The Goethe-Institute provides you with a Vokabeltrainer-App for learners without any knowledge about German.

Also from Goethe-Institute is the “Stadt der Wörter”. With this app you can playfully broaden your vocabulary.



For learners on level A1 the Goethe-Institute offers “Mein Weg nach Deutschland”. It works with videos and linguistic exercises. Practical information about the life in Germany is also given.

The platform “Deutsch für dich” that works more interactively lets you train your vocabulary and grammar. You can also talk about your progress with other learners and even experts.

The Goethe-Institute offers with „Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz“ also a possibility to practice German for the job and introduces you to the daily worklife with videos in German. The offer is suitable for level A1 to B2.

The Deutsche Welle has published their own Portal to learn the language. With “Erste Schritte in Deutschland”they provide you with general information for asylum-seekers in several languages.

The Refugee Guide helps you with your first general orientation in Germany.

You’ll find an easy online German course especially for Arabic-speaking people that is also made to alphabetisize on YouTube.

“Refugees Welcome – Infopad” gives you an overview about offers for refugees in some areas. Among other things, you find guides to the asylum procedure in several languages.

The portal “Language Transfer” also has published their entire German class online.

You find information about the asylum procedure also under the Deutschen Anwaltvereins (German lawyer’s association) in English and Arabic.

Special information about the Anhörung im Asylverfahren (hearings in the asylum procedure) is also made available there.

If you are interested in opening a giro account in Germany, you can find some practical tips here.

An overview of current mobile rates is linked on Stiftung Warentest in English and Arabic.

The projekt “Welcome Grooves” offers audio lessons in German. Also the written contents can be found in several languages.